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Week of October 23

Only 34% of change initiatives succeed



Most organizations expect the need for change management to increase. In the current business landscape, it's crucial to recognize that change, though challenging, presents a remarkable opportunity for business growth.

Join us to unlock the strategies that will empower your team to skillfully navigate through dynamic challenges, and emerge victorious.

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October 25, Dubai

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Join us for this roundtable, where professors, consultants, and successful leaders share their insights on change management.

You'll get the chance to delve into key aspects critical to change, including corporate culture, transformational leadership, moving beyond traditional KPIs, and the six levers of cultural change that support this transformation. 

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This event is for you if you’re asking yourself…

🚀 What are the change management strategies I can use to ensure a smooth expansion?

💪 How do I empower my team to embrace and navigate change?

🖊️ What are the tools and methods I can use to enhance my change management skills?

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