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What is a Conference Sprint?

Cosmic Centaurs will hold the 2022 Cosmic Conference, (re)Designing the Employee Experience, between Sept. 28th - Oct. 21st, 2022. Register to the 3rd edition of the Cosmic Conference today.

The third edition of our Cosmic Conference will be a month-long conference sprint, all about the employee experience.

What is a conference sprint?

You might be familiar with scrum sprints - short periods of a time during which a scrum team works to complete a set amount of work. Those sprints allow teams to break down complex tasks into simpler ones, helping them reach their end goal in a much easier way.

Our topic for the 2022 Cosmic Conference is the Employee Experience (EX). The EX is an umbrella term, as it includes the management of every touchpoint the employee has with their company.

To better understand the EX, we will explore the conference through a variety of lenses: internal comms, employee engagement, flexible work, onboarding, offboarding, and recruitment, upskilling, retention, culture & values, human connections , organizational strategy, and the measurement of EX.

Similarly to how scrum sprints turn conceptual ideas into manageable tasks, we will share our content and guest insights in a variety of formats.

You heard that right: the 2022 Cosmic Conference will not be a series of back-to-back panels and debates over the span of a few days. It will include in-person and virtual events, long and short-form content, workshops, networking opportunities, insights, and resources. While some of these experiences will be synchronous (happening in real time), some will be asynchronous, and available on our website for all registered attendees.

Why a conference sprint?

In 2020, our world changed and we knew very little about what the future of work would have in store. So, we hosted a conference where everyone else was: in the virtual world. Our conference saw hundreds of attendees tune in from their homes to hear 15 industry experts and thought leaders discuss and debate the future of work.

Last year, we did something similar, but focused on the future of teams. We had a dozen remarkable speakers share their insights in panel discussions and virtual debates, but we upped our game by inviting a keynote speaker to open up the conference, and we hosted two workshops for attendees to come and learn alongside us.

This year, the public’s focus shifted from adopting remote work, to learning how to get hybrid work right. In light of the great resignation, many companies are struggling to implement the right flexible work model, and create healthy environments where their employees can be happy and thrive.

Just like the world of work has once again evolved, so have we. We want to do our best to share our knowledge with the world, and we know learning is much more than sitting through back to back sessions. We also know different people learn in different ways: while some of you might get the best out of a live discussion, others would rather read an article or watch a short video on their own time.

As a learning organization, we are always experimenting, and trying to keep with the ever-changing times. While planning for the 2022 Cosmic Conference, we couldn’t just sit idle and reuse the same old age format for another year. While we know trying something different has its risks, we believe the experience of coming together and learning is worth it.

Sign up to the #2022CosmicConference all about the Employee Experience, and follow us on LinkedIn as we share more details about the event soon.

One last thing before you go:

We just launched the Future of Teams 2022 survey. This research is being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Constance Noonan Hadley from the Institute for Life at Work.

We are looking to gather 1,000 responses to our survey. If you’re willing to contribute, please take the survey.


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